Ria Ramkissoon

From an early age, Ria Ramkissoon had been immersed in her family’s garment business based in El Dorado, Trinidad where she gained the understanding and the schematics of garment construction, design and production. She then attended the.. Read More.


Geoffrey Frankson

Dr. Geoffrey Frankson is a Belize National Scholar and a graduate of the University of the West Indies in Medicine, with Honours and a Gold Medal in Obstetrics. He studied Human Sciences at Oxford University on a.. Read More.


Stefan Grosberg

After graduating from Bath University in 2008 with a BEng in Chemical Engineering, Stefan returned home and took a keen interest in the.. Read More



Georgia Popplewell

Georgia Popplewell is a media producer, journalist, editor and blogger from Trinidad and Tobago. She has worked in independent television in the Caribbean since 1989 and has written extensively on culture, music, film and.. Read More.


Prakash Persad

Prakash Persad is Professor of Mechatronics, and has successfully supervised forty (40) Master’s and Ph.D. students and is presently supervising a further ten (10) M. Phil. / Ph.D. students.. Read More.


Wendell Manwarren

Wendell Roger Manwarren: Singer, writer, producer, teacher, sound designer & director. Having been involved in the theatre & the performing arts for the past 20 years, Mr. Manwarren has had the opportunity to.. Read More.


Kiran Shiva Akal

Kiran Shiva Akal is the founder and president of Infinite Worlds Inc. and has operated in creative entertainment projects from a design and consulting perspective.. Read More



Mark Raymond

Mark Raymond studied at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London and since returning to Trinidad in 1993 has been responsible for a wide range of architectural, urban design and.. Read More.


Gregory Sloane-Seale

Gregory Sloane-Seale is the National Coordinator of the Citizen Security Programme within the Ministry of National Security in Trinidad & Tobago, which is funded through a loan facility with.. Read More.