Attillah Springer

Attillah Springer is a writer and activist born in Trinidad. She is stickfighter in training and has been a flag woman for Phase 2 Pan Groove and 3 Canal’s Jouvay band. She also DJs under the name Tillah Willah. It was while engaging inner city residents on skin bleaching that she developed an interest in using media for advocacy and activism particularly for those whose voices remain silenced by mainstream agendas. In London, she has worked with the London Language and Literacy Unit’s programmes in migrant communities, empowering parents’ indigenous knowledge to engage their children with the English educational system.
An environmental activist, she has organized events around industrialisation versus sustainability in rural Trinidad since 2005 using Carnival and other indigenous festival arts as forms of protest or awareness building. In July 2007 she represented local environmentalists at the Global Impacts of Heavy Industry Conference in Reyjavik, Iceland.
As a journalist she has worked as producer/presenter and Head of News for Gayelle TV and as part of the Carnival coverage team for TV4. She is also a Director of Idakeda Group a collective of women in her family creating cultural interventions for social change especially among women and youth in socially vulnerable communities in Trinidad and Tobago.

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