Kwame Ryan

A Trinidadian Orchestral Conductor is not something we hear about frequently. Kwame Ryan is an Orchestral Conductor in demand internationally. Symphony orchestras of some of the world’s major cities of music ­ London, Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen, Seoul ­ place a high premium on his talent. Kwame’s extensive professional network is the product of over twenty years of work at the top of the international classical music business, during the course of which he has also built a strong reputation for leading institutions of higher musical education. His directorship of the National Youth Orchestra of France was recognised with one of that country’s highest decorations in the field of Arts and Letters. Born in Toronto, Canada, Kwame spent his early years in Trinidad, before being enrolled in boarding school in England as a means to pursuing his musical dreams.

A member of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain in his teens, he was recently appointed one of its few Associate Conductors, and has been invited to serve in the same capacity at the Dutch National Opera Academy. Similarly committed to development among the artistic youth of his native Trinidad and Tobago, he recently founded YMX, The Youth Music Exchange, a music­based community development initiative built on traditional mentorship, peer­learning, and multicultural youth collaboration. He currently serves as Programme Professor and Director of the Academy for the Performing Arts at the University of Trinidad and Tobago.

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