Nzinga Job

Nzingha was born Nzinga Sibongile Job to Trinidadian parents in Nairobi, Kenya. She currently works as a full-time music and theatre arts teacher in Tobago. Nzingha has been acting, singing and dancing since the age of five and wrote her first screenplay at ten. Although she attributes “taking singing seriously” to the release of the Bryan Adams song “For You”, she, like most artists, lives on the edge of society - watching, observing, interpreting and translating life’s complexities into various forms of expression. Nzinga, is a poet, songwriter, educator, social observer, and actor. She is an artist.
Nzingha graduated cum laude from Colgate University in 2007 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music. She has sung in chorus, performed at Colgate International Community World Expo, and various open mic events. She has sung songs in English, Spanish, and Chinese.
Nzingha has danced with the African Students Union and Total Praise at the annual Colgate Dancefest. She has choreographed dances to soca songs for the 2006 and 2007 Dancefest event in which she also performed to showcase Trinidad and Tobago’s culture, where Jamaican culture had considerable representation.
She was a member of the first local production of Carnival Messiah, a creation of the late Geraldine Connor. She was cast as Maxine in the MTV/UNICEF 3-part miniseries “Tribes”, directed by Ras Kassa of Welcome To Jamrock fame, and opposite Nikita Legall, as part of the Staying Alive HIV/AIDS campaign.


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