Stefan Grosberg

After graduating from Bath University in 2008 with a BEng in Chemical Engineering, Stefan returned home and took a keen interest in the mechanics of Slow Food.
  • Location: TEDxPortofSpain 2011

In September 2009, he took a plane to Europe to experience everything he could about food from the ground up. He started with a one-month stint at a farm in Ireland before heading to rural Italy. He returned to Trinidad and his involvement with Slow Food in Trinidad and Tobago continues as a personal journey – seeking out local artisans and connecting with local organic farmers.

Having toyed with making Pesto as a hobby even before his big trip, Stefan decided he was going to put all his efforts into making his kitchen garden truly spectacular and self-sufficient by the time 2010 came around. It is now home to all manner of herbs and his love of food and his search for ways of celebrating Caribbean flavours continues.


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