Terrence W. Farrell

Terrence W. Farrell has devoted many waking hours to shaping policy initiatives which helped to restructure Trinidad and Tobago’s international debt and IMF programmes, liberalise the economy and structure the flotation of the country’s currency. His work has also informed the policy direction and initiatives of private sector institutions in the Financial Sector, IT Services and the Media.

The wellspring of experiences from which he draws includes directorships of several private sector Boards, government-appointed committees and Task Forces including Trinidad and Tobago’s Vision 2020 Core Group and the Task Force on the Future of BWIA. Dr. Farrell, Economist/Lawyer/Mediator has published several articles on Caribbean Eco-nomics, Central Banking and Monetary Integration.  His latest publication provocatively focuses on what he suggests is the underachievement of Trinidad and Tobago compared to states like Norway, Barbados and Singapore.

In diagnosing the underperformance of T&T he goes be-yond the analysis of policy and implementation and boldly addresses the role of culture and ethnicity.  This publication also goes a long way towards creating and sustaining a stream of informed public debate which often does not exist in small Caribbean societies. He now works in the areas of economics, strategy consulting and business development as well as legal advice and mediation.


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