Vanessa Stewart

“There is a difference between living and simply being alive”. This simple lesson helped her through her husband’s short terminal illness. She attended Bishop Anstey High School for seven years from the age of 11 years. This she regards as the first step in her becoming socially and environmentally aware, and conscious of a need to contribute to a better society. Vanessa Stewart completed her basic medical training at UWI in Jamaica and her specialist paediatric training in the United Kingdom and returned home to work in public medicine until she eventually became Head of Department at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Port of Spain General Hospital where she remained until retirement in 2015.

During her time on the Neonatal Service, she was responsible for training and mentoring many individuals and more importantly, counseling parents through the difficult period of having a very ill baby. She has served on the Adoption Board of Trinidad and Tobago and is currently on the Board of The Breast Feeding Association of Trinidad and Tobago. Her current passion is to guide the initiation of Human Breast Milk Banking in Trinidad and Tobago in order to ensure better rate and quality of survival of sick preterm infants.

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