Verna St Rose Greaves

Verna St. Rose Greaves is an experienced professional Social Worker, a long standing feminist, social activist, trade unionist, and Human Rights Advocate. A competent trainer, counsellor, facilitator and development worker she has worked, with government, local and international NGOs and agencies and as an independent consultant. She has done considerable work in the areas of child protection, human rights, social policy development, poverty alleviation, adoption and family services, gender and development, crime and violence in the society, HIV- AIDS, and prison reform.

She has a deep and passionate concern about development issues and regional integration, and has participated in a number of programs in pursuance of social and economic policy development in Trinidad and Tobago and the region. Over the years she has participated in a host of training workshops and conferences, and has presented papers locally, regionally and internationally.

A firm defender of press freedom, over the years she has participated in a number of media related initiatives and interviews and has written columns and produced and presented radio and television talk shows.


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