So what is a TEDxSalon?

A TEDx Salon is a small weekly or monthly recurring event that keeps a TEDx community engaged between larger annual events. At a TEDx Salon Event, attendees can watch TEDTalks and have discussions.

How to take part in the TEDxPortofSpainSalon?

We are experimenting with our Salons, to find the right format sometimes we ask interested persons to complete our very short application form. Other times we leave it completely open. We look forward to hearing from you, and are excited to see what will emerge out of our experimental TEDxPortofSpainSalons.

Salon attendees should have demonstrable interest or connection to the Salon topic as the goal is to seek innovation, illumination and insight to the topic. Each salon is curated by a different person selected by TEDxPortofSpain.

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