Charlotte Elias (2012 – 2013)

Charlotte Elias is committed to movement for positive social change. She has extensive experience in arts administration and cultural enterprise/exchange. Her current focus is on education, social change and justice, building networks and initiatives that address this. In 1996, she founded Caribbean Contemporary Arts (CCA) and was its Director for twelve years, hosting 480 artists from 32 countries. Unique to the Caribbean, this autonomous regional developmental organization became a regional satellite for centres for the arts in Venezuela, Kenya and New Delhi, supporting creative exchange between local, regional and international artists.

At present she is Director of a newly formed NGO, Evoke, positioning creativity and culture as key tools for economic and social development. Evoke collaborates with Agents for Change “ artists, producers, curators, integrative practitioners and policy makers “ to foster a learning community, building confidence for positive social change.

Charlotte currently serves on the Advisory board of the Company Chameleon Dance Theatre in the United Kingdom and as an advisor for TEDxPortofSpain. She has served on the boards of the Allen Prize for Young Writers, the Caribbean Arts Trust in the United Kingdom, the Artist Advisory boards of the Cuban Artists Fund, the Hudson Valley Project at Mineta Brook in the United States, the Regional Network Committee for the Prince Claus Fund in the Netherlands, the Academy at the University of Trinidad and Tobago, the National Museum of Trinidad and Tobago, and the Trinidad and Tobago Entertainment Company. She is also a certified Doula.

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