Keita Demming (2013 – 2014)

Firestarter. Change monger. Idea generator. Keita Demming is passionate about creating positive change, and the enabling systems that support it. Keita is currently working on his PhD in Adult Education. He is not your average PhD student. He runs a company, Village Seed Solutions that helps enthusiastic, caring citizens, individuals, groups, and organisations realise collaborative or multi-sectorial approaches to change intervention. His PhD work focuses on understanding strategies for social problem solving. At the University of Toronto, he serves as the coordinator for the Social Economy Centre which promotes and disseminates multidisciplinary research and policy analysis on issues affecting the intersection among public, private and nonprofit sector.

During August, Keita leads a camp, Agents of Change where participants learn about social innovation and systems change. As a way of improving the content for the Agents of Change program, Keita also started TheSIDELab, a lab exploring ways of teaching systems, integrative, design and evaluative thinking.

He is also working with Social Innovation Generation on the development and evaluation of their Knowledge Hub, a website designed to provide learning resources about creating conditions for social innovation.

In the spirit of embracing the future as it unfolds, Keita has held the license for TEDxPortofSpain for four years, and has led a team of passionate changemakers through successful events that showcase ideas worth sharing.

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