Nimah Muwakil-Zakuri

Nimah currently the Curator of the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago’s Money Museum and Art Collection. She is responsible for the museum which is the main outreach arm of the institution, its programming and development as well as the bank’s 50 year old art collection which was started in the 1960’s. Nimah graduated from Universidad de Oriente, Santiago de Cuba in 2007. As an IVLP alumnus in Cultural Heritage Preservation and a recent recipient of a Getty Fellowship, she attended the 2015 American Alliance of Museum’s Annual Conference and participated in the training sessions on Leadership in Museums with other curators from around the world. I.M.P.A.C.T (Independent Muslim Professional Acting Together) was co-founded in 2012 and the Trinidad and Tobago Alliance of Museums (TTAM) co-founded 2014 both by Nimah. Her deep interest in art and matters of heritage has enabled her introspection on her own unique history as a child of the “Jamaat” and 1990. The journey is a personal one, where she will attempt to document and later tell the stories that no one knows exist. It is her hope that her story will resonate not just within her immediate community, but with a wider audience.


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