Vernelle Noel

Vernelle Noel is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Design Computing at Penn State University where she explores the merging of craft practices with computational methods and technologies. As a computational designer, architect, and research scientist, she has worked in the US, Singapore, and India. Vernelle holds a Master of Science degree in Architecture Studies from MIT, and investigated design in the Trinidad Carnival for her dissertation. Her paper, 'The Bailey-Derek Grammar: Recording the craft of wire-bending in the Trinidad Carnival', will be published and presented at SIGGRAPH 2015 in Los Angeles, California. This adventurous young woman is the founder, creator, and editor of Architecture Caribbean, an online platform that highlighted and celebrated design in the region. She credits her early passion and sensibilities in design to renowned architect, Colin Laird, who mentored her for several years. Her work – influenced by cultural design practices in the Caribbean – has earned recognition at home and abroad, including an ideas2innovation award in 2014. Vernelle’s unique, multi-disciplinary approach allows for workable and creative advancements in craft and technology.

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