Prakash Persad

Prakash Persad is Professor of Mechatronics, and has successfully supervised forty (40) Master’s and Ph.D. students and is presently supervising a further ten (10) M. Phil. / Ph.D. students.
  • Location: TEDxPortofSpain 2011

Recipient of a number of awards, he won First place (2004) for Innovation and Design of the Prime Minister’s award and was also awarded the prestigious Bharat Samman Pravasi Award in 2006, given to Indians residing overseas or persons of Indian origin who have made significant contributions to culture and country. This was presented to him on January 10th 2006 in New Delhi, India by the NRI Institute.

Professor Persad is the founding President of Swaha Inc. and also served as Chairman of the Theological Board for five years. He is a practicing pandit and Spiritual Leader of the Divya Ashram located in Preysal, Couva.


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