Date: October 30, 2012

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Why we are charging for TEDxPortofSpain 12.12.12 – $TT300

It is with a heavy heart that we make the following announcement. It has taken us a long time to come to this decision. Starting this year, TEDxPortofSpain will begin charging for its entry tickets. Please read below for further information:

Why are we charging?
TEDxPortofSpain is a non-profit event that relies solely on the generous support of our partners and the hard working members of our community. One of our goals is deliver a free event that is on par with TED and TEDx Conferences around the world. Last year, despite generous support from our community, we were unable to cover our costs. Consequently, this year we have decided to charge for TEDxPortofSpain 12.12.12.

In 2011, the license we obtained from TED only allowed us to host 100 attendees. This year we are expanding to 400 attendees!

Although, we are still negotiating with a few bursaries and if a positive response is received from any, we intend to reduce our costs accordingly.

How much is the ticket?
We estimate that it will cost $TT600 per person. Through our partnerships we have been able to reduce this cost by almost 50%. This means that we will only be charging $TT300 per person.

What do other TEDx events around the world charge?
Some TEDx events around the world are free. Others can cost as much as $US250. We are charging approximately $US45-50 depending on the rate of exchange.

What if I cannot afford a ticket?
Don’t fear, 25% of the tickets will be subsidized by our partners and the TEDxPortofSpain community. These tickets are meant to be a way of ensuring that TEDxPortofSpain 12.12.12 is accessible to all who wish to attend. In the application, there will be a section dedicated to those who would like to apply for community bursary.

What if I would like to sponsor a spot?
If you would like to sponsor another attendee’s ticket or part of another attendee’s ticket, there will be a spot on the form where you can indicate how much you would like to sponsor. Persons who sponsor full tickets automatically receive approval for their requested ticket. Unfortunately, we do not allow sponsors to choose who they would like to sponsor.

How do we decide who qualifies for a bursary?
We do not have strict criteria for granting bursaries, but primarily, we look at indicators, like estimated income based on profession, age, etc… This means that the priority goes to people with low estimated levels of income, young people and students.

We also ask you why you’re applying for a bursary. Please ensure that you make your reasons very clear when answering the question. We try our best to be as accurate and fair as possible.

Does my application for a bursary affect the status of my application?
No. These two applications are reviewed by separate teams. Persons can successfully receive approval for their requested ticket but not receive a bursary.

Does charging for a TEDx event comply with the guidelines provided by TED?
Yes, it does. All TEDx events are allowed to charge for their tickets. TEDxPortofSpain has been approved to charge TT$650.

Why do I have to request a ticket?
TEDxPortofSpain is likely to have almost 900 applications, but we only have space for 400 attendees. In an effort to find a fair way to issue tickets, we ask attendees to request a ticket, using our online form. We carefully curate our audience so that the audience is a diverse, creative mix of leading thinkers and doers in our community. We are looking for remarkable people with great stories and ideas worth sharing.


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