Debrah Lewis

Debrah Lewis is the first Vice President of the International Confederation of Midwives from the Caribbean. After receiving an MSc in Nurse-Midwifery from Columbia University in 1986, she worked in New York as a public and private practice midwife and also volunteered in Africa. Lewis’ leadership led to the formation of the Caribbean Regional Midwifery Association and the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Midwives. She is passionate about strengthening the network of midwives in the Caribbean and ultimately, the world.

Lewis is also a member of the Nursing Council and founding member of Mamatoto Resource and Birth Centre. In 2001, she and other independent midwives formed Mamatoto, providing a supportive environment for families who wanted a more natural and individualised birthing experience such as water birth and alternative pain management.

Lewis has been a nurse for 34 years and a midwife for 26 years. She has served on many committees in the Ministry of Health and other non-governmental organizations. She is a clinical preceptor for Yale University, the University of Pennsylvania and McMaster University. She also finds time to contribute to the Midwifery Today magazine. She makes her home in Trinidad with her husband Derrick and daughter Masika.

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