Gabrielle Jamela Hosein

Gabrielle Jamela Hosein is actively carving a space that merges art, theory, feminism and activism. She is not your typical academic or educator. Gabrielle explores the social world women and men inhabit through her thinking, feminism, mothering, blogging, activism, poetry, as well as through her ‘If I were Prime Minister’ political performance series, first started in 2009.

Her feminist movement-building game, “steppin up”, has been played in bangkok, uganda and across the caribbean region. She has published several articles and book chapters on activism, feminism, gender and politics in the caribbean.

Gabrielle has been researching caribbean gender identities since beginning fieldwork on indo-trinidadian young women in 1998. She has a lot to say and a lot to still learn. She is currently a lecturer at the institute for gender and development studies, UWI, St. Augustine campus, and is the principal investigator for the research project, politics, power and gender justice in the anglophone caribbean.

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