Felicia Chang

In our increasingly globalised and transient world, Felicia Chang explores how a better understanding of our past can help us build more compassionate and connected global communities. Felicia studied Biology, Chemistry and Anthropology at the University of Toronto and holds a MSc in International Health with tropED certification from various institutes in Europe. It was while researching female sexual health in Ethiopia, that she realised how important it was to examine our behaviour within the context of culture and history. She also noticed how the sharing of stories allowed people to connect in ways no other social device could.


When she returned to Trinidad in 2012, she co-founded Plantain, a company that aims to inspire everyone to want to tell their story. The company sets out to connect people to each other and to their past by interweaving oral histories with historical and genealogical research, and making this accessible through beautiful design. To date, the stories collected connect the Caribbean to North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, West Africa, Latin America and the UK. In 2015, spurred by an innovation grant they were awarded, she began to explore how technology could be used to engage an even wider audience.

| http://www.plantain.me | https://www.facebook.com/plantain.me | https://www.linkedin.com/in/felicia-chang-2781b796/

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