Rahanna Juman

Rahanna Juman wants the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago to appreciate their natural resources and to understand how these ecosystems support their very existence, especially with the uncertainty being faced with impending climate change. She is currently the acting Deputy Director at the Institute of Marine Affairs, a government funded research institution in Trinidad and Tobago. Rahanna holds a PhD in Zoology from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. She has been conducting applied research on coastal ecosystems in Trinidad and Tobago for the past 20 years and has published a book on Wetlands of Trinidad and Tobago as well as contributed to international journal articles.

As a scientist, Rahanna does not believe her research has value unless it is converted to useful information that can be internalised by all citizens, including decision-makers, resulting in behavioural changes. ‘It must influence the way we do business; our environment should be given consideration in all our activities’. Rahanna went on to complete a Bachelor of Law from the University of London so that she could bridge the gap between science and policy, and make policy more effective.

She chaired a Cabinet appointed Steering Committee responsible for developing an Integrated Coastal Zone Management Policy Framework, Strategies and Action Plan for Trinidad and Tobago. She has garnered international experience as a Hubert Humphrey fellow from 2010-2011, a Watson International Scholars of the Environment Fellow (2008), an American Fellow (2006) and a UNESCO/ L’OREAL Fellow (2002). Rahanna not only loves mangroves, but she loves to cook and take care of her family, especially her niece-Annissa and her chiwawa-Simba.

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