Date: October 13, 2016

Author: Tedx POS Team


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The Necessary Task Of Revisiting Your Reality

Reality revisited is an interesting topic, and in my opinion the most important task if we are to differentiate between those who live their lives as leaders and innovators who want to contribute and progress, and the followers who live ”their” lives by inherited and adopted beliefs only, who often find themselves “stuck”.

To revisit your reality means to challenge your current points of view, the ones which constantly, both consciously and unconsciously, shape your decisions and choices. To revisit your reality, you have got to push yourself to seek more information on all the factors that affect your life on a daily basis. Your ideas and perceptions, and everything you just do out of habit while on “auto-pilot”. Dare to ask the hard questions: “Why do I believe in this?”, “Why am I making these choices?”, “Who or what is affecting me?”, “What are the consequences of the decisions I make, for myself and my surroundings?”, “Does this make me happy?”, “Am I hurting anyone with my ideas of what is right and wrong?”, “If these beliefs were valid before, are they still valid in this time and age?”, “Are my habits harmful to me or others?”.

You need to get out there and collect the data, bring it back to the drawing table and tear it apart! Examine and evaluate your results and take time and space to reflect on your findings. You might find yourself torn and even disagreeing with yourself on some points. Don’t worry though, this battle between your past self and your present self with the newly discovered knowledge, is necessary.

In light of this newly discovered information you are now able to ask yourself new questions:

“Are the patterns and thought processes that I have, matching my idea of the person I want to be?”, “Do my old beliefs match facts and knowledge I now possess?”, “Do my old habits make sense?”, “Are my daily routine and “must do´s” necessary to make me happy?”, “Is my lifestyle aligned with my health goals?”

It can be extremely difficult to take this hard look at yourself in the mirror and to realize that you might not like everything you see – but at the same time, isn’t it great to discover that you and you only now hold the power to change?

Also, remember that we never see things as they are, we see things as we are – so make sure that you are the best version of yourself, that you are YOU as a result of consciously chosen values and priorities that make you happy. Choices which are sustainable and attuned with the person you want to be and the footprints you want to leave behind on this planet – NOT as a result of what your grandma believed, what made your mom happy or what was important to your peers from high school!

For me, honestly the best thing about growing up and getting older is that every day I learn something new about myself, how we all interact and the opportunities we are represented with.

I try to push myself out of the comfort zone and I am continuously revisiting my realities no matter how ugly and uncomfortable that might be.

In return it leaves me with a deeper understanding of what life is about and the resources within me that are yet to be explored!


By Line Dobrowen 

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