Arvolon Wilson-Smith

Arvolon Wilson-Smith is an environmentalist, educator and social empowerer. She’s a conservationist with deeply humanistic ideals. These are the passions she combines to transform her community into a model of sustainability. Some people find their passions later on in life in an eruption of energy that propels them forward with an unstoppable force. As a student of the environment and environmental safety, Arvolon Wilson-Smith melds this with dedication to social upliftment in a unique blend that is radically transforming her home community of Mayaro/Guayaguayare, creating a rippling effect in the neighbouring communities and by extension the wider national country.

She has acted in the capacity of Fishing Grievance Officer on bpTT’s Seismic Surveys, is also an ALTA trained tutor and is the President of The Black Deer Foundation, which started off as a non-governmental environmental watchdog organisation. Combining environmentalism with education in a movement towards social empowerment – the symphony of her life’s mission is in full swing. Slowly but surely, the sound travelled and people, especially the young leaders of tomorrow, have begun moving to the beat.

Less than a decade later, there is no community across Mayaro/Guayaguayare and even surrounding areas such as Rio Claro and Sangre Grande that has not been touched by the benefits of her Schools’ Environmental Awareness Competition or even her July/August Vacation Camps. Rising environmental awareness has lifted with it literacy levels and a passion for sustainable development, driven by people empowered to become the change they want to see.

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