Gordon Husbands

Gordon Husbands is well known for the design and implementation of the existing correctional rehabilitation and correctional education programmes in the Trinidad and Tobago prison system. He has also examined the Shared Responsibility model of rehabilitation and the penal policy of reintegration, as well as the concept of restorative justice. Between 1996 and 2000, Mr. Husbands conducted a pilot project at the Carrera Convict Island Prison to establish ‘A What Works Programme’, our local rehabilitation model.

During his active duties, Gordon Husbands was a member of International Corrections and Prisons Association. Husbands began his career in the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service in 1973 and retired in 2007, as the Chief Prisons Welfare Officer. In 2007, he assumed the position of Director of a Penal Reform and Transformation Unit at the Ministry of National Security. He has served on the boards of many NGOs involved in corrections, prisoner/deportee reform and re-entry, restorative justice prison programmes and the spiritual and family life of inmates and ex-inmates.


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