Arvinda Rampersad

Arvinda Rampersad explores how we might leverage new technologies to improve various aspects within our societies. He is fascinated with the question of how we in the global south can move from being net consumers of knowledge & innovation to net producers of the same. A staunch believer in the power of learning broadly, Arvinda has dabbled in multiple disciplines over the years. He was primarily a Math and Science student until the undergraduate level where he switched to a Business & Finance degree in search of new challenges. Subsequent to this, he completed an MSc. Entrepreneurship programme in the UK as part of his explorations into how we can organise ourselves and the way we work differently, to deal with this century’s unique challenges. His most recent foray has been in relearning how to code with a view to better understanding data analysis and manipulation.

Professionally, he has spent the last year and a half fully immersing himself in all things Bitcoin and blockchain-technology related. He has taken the approach of being a fast follower in the space, with a focus on understanding what the technology is and how it might be easily digested, communicated and implemented. His latest co-venture, BitBox TT, embodies this ideology and is a venture the team refers to as their ‘startup experiment’. Its purpose is to test various startup-related assumptions within the unique context that is T&T, to openly share these learnings with others, and to implement the bitcoin/blockchain tools and techniques learnt to help solve some of the unique problems we as Caribbean people face in payments and banking.

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