Elizabeth Solomon

Elizabeth Solomon describes herself as a Change Agent. She started her working life as a journalist and received seven awards in print, radio and television. Elizabeth was recruited to the United Nations Mission in Kosovo. Her work took her to some of the worst and most protracted conflicts in the world and she has focused on supporting local efforts to build resilient democratic national institutions in Kosovo, Bosnia, and Somalia. Her work on human rights and development saw her working in Guyana, Brazil and India. Elizabeth also holds degrees in journalism and in law.

She spent several years in the Netherlands where she worked with academic institutions and has held positions at United Nations Headquarters. She is also a certified mediator and was a member of the UN mediation team in the negotiations between the Greek and Turkish Cypriots. Elizabeth left Cyprus to take up a post as the Peace and Development Adviser in Sierra Leone to support the transition from peacekeeping to a development mandate. With some twenty years experience in peacebuilding, Elizabeth decided to return home to Trinidad and Tobago. She is a member of the Mediation Board and the Executive Director of the Caribbean Centre for Human Rights.

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