Kheston Walkins

Kheston Walkins is a young entrepreneur from Trinidad and Tobago that was selected to attend the Young Leaders of the America’s Initiative, 2016 (YLAI) by the United States State Department. This is an initiative of President Barack Obama that brings Social and Business Entrepreneurs from across Latin America and the Caribbean. He is a PhD candidate in Molecular Genetics and is developing a tool for data driven cancer diagnosis. Kheston’s core interest is in health technology and as a User Experience/ User Interface Designer, he uses these skillsets on a current project that focuses on the development of a clinical and home care tool for aphasic and stroke patients which is intended to solve challenges with proximate as well as remote communication.

He is deeply interested in seeing the youth of Trinidad and Tobago be inspired to become more creative and innovative whereby they can act as a vehicle to impact positively on this oil based economy. Kheston believes that when it comes to driving technological innovation if we make meaning, the money will come. In his down time, Kheston plays the harp which he sees as the method in the madness when having to look at science all day.

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