Jolynna Sinanan

What is Digital Ethnography? Dr. Jolynna Sinanan was born in England to a Chinese­Malaysian mother and Trinidadian father. Her research explores how our online everyday activities, and the ways in which we interpret these activities, influence social change. Having grown up in Australia, Jolynna had never experienced her father’s culture and heritage from Trinidad. Her academic pursuits led her to the University College London, where she became part of a European research Council funded global study on uses of social media, which allowed her to live and work in Trinidad across 2011­2014. Jolynna is dedicated to contributing to Trinidadian scholarship, she is the co­author of Webcam with Daniel Miller and her chapter on contemporary Chinese migration to Trinidad is included in the volume Media and Communication in the Chinese Diaspora.

Jolynna is currently completing Visualising Facebook (also with Daniel Miller) and her own volume Social Media in Trinidad for UCL Press. She holds a PhD in Development Studies from the University of Melbourne and is now a Vice Chancellor’s Research Fellow at RMIT University in the School of Media and Communications and the Digital Ethnography Research Centre.

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