Margaret Rose

Margaret Rose is an anti-corruption advocate, entrepreneur and activist currently pursuing her doctorate in International Public Procurement Policy & Research at the University of Bath, UK. As an anti-corruption advocate, Margaret has founded serial initiatives geared toward empowering citizens to become more effective in their engagement in public governance and guardians of the public interest. In 2014 Margaret won the Global Social Entrepreneurship Initiative awarded by Transparency International (TI) and the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) for developing the innovative civic technology platform Disclosure Today which is a social governance network connecting citizen activists with pro bono lawyers and digitising legally compliant freedom of information requests.

With a Masters degree in Corporate Commercial Law, Margaret specialises in public procurement law, anti-corruption and governance and has had extensive litigation experience and appeared in multiple public procurement and corruption enquiries since 1995. Her public interest law firm, Rose Law Caribbean is the first virtual law firm in the Caribbean and advises public sector bodies, represents citizens pursuing public interest matters and social entrepreneurs. 

In 2013 Margaret was invited by the United Nations Office of Drugs & Crime (UNODC) to Panama to contribute to the Guidebook on Anti-Corruption for Latin America and the Caribbean. Margaret’s latest initiative the Procurement Innovation & Leadership Lab (UK) is an implemented consulting firm specialising in social and sustainable procurement and impact purchasing, supporting governments, corporations and NGOs to maximise the social value of every dollar spent. Margaret is also a singer/songwriter and currently serves as the Ambassador for the World Movement for Democracy leading the #SetThemFree Campaign raising public awareness through art on the plight of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience all over the world. The Set Them Free Campaign is currently placing emphasis on political prisoners in Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, Cuba and Venezuela.


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